COVID-19 Resources

Here you can find resources to help keep your child learning while at home. 

A couple resources to help explain COVID-19 and school closures to your child
 Resource 1  Resource 2

Click here for the master schedule of classes for all grade levels

Grade Level Activities during COVID-19 Closures:

Pre K: Click Here 
Math: Click Here 

Kindergarten - Practice for 3-16 to 3-20 - Click Here
                                  Practice for 3-20 to 3-27 - Click Here
                                  Journal Prompts - Click Here
                                  Math: Click Here
Math Resource 2: Click Here

1st Grade - Click Here
            Math: Click Here
            Math Resource 2: Click Here

2nd Grade - Home Learning Directions
                           Math Review 
                           Math Resource 2
                           Math Resource 3: Click Here
                           2nd Grade Home Learning Packet

3rd Grade - Think Marks
                           Herman AM: Novel Study 
                            3rd Grade Novel Studies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory   Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Vocab
Fantastic Mr. Fox Novel Study
                           Math: Click Here
                           Math Resource 2: Click Here

4th Grade - Click Here
                      4      Math: Click Here 
                           Math Resource 2: Click Here
                           Math Resource 3: Click Here
                   AA Math: Click Here
                           Science: Click Here
                           ELA: Click Here
Habicht and Cooney ELA: Click Here

 5th Grade - ELA: Click Here
                           Math: Click Here
                           Math Resource 2: Click Here
Special Areas:

Phys. Ed. - Link 1 Link 2
 Short Brain Break Videos - Click Here

Music - Click Here

BCPS YouTube Channel: Click Here