F.A.Q. about Registration

How do I know if HES is the school that my child is zoned for?


•Use our Schools Boundaries Locator to search on for schools based on your new address. Then please call the school at 443-809-0820 to confirm your findings.


Can my child attend HES if we are not zoned for HES?


•Students are expected to attend their zoned school.  In certain circumstances, students who live in Baltimore County may request special permission to attend a school other than their zoned school according to Policy 5150.  Applications must be submitted to the school between April 1 and June 1 for the upcoming school year.


When should I register my child?


•As soon as possible! Schools are open throughout the summer to accommodate parents in the registration process. The early registration of students provides the school system an opportunity to evaluate student placement and adjust staffing in response to unanticipated enrollment increases. Parents should contact the school to make a registration appointment. Walk in registrations may not be accepted.


•As soon as you have all of the required documentation.  We encourage parents not to withdraw their child from their current school until all required registration documents have been gathered.


Who can register a child?


•Only a biological parent or legal guardian can enroll a child.


What information do I need to register a child?


When registering a child, you will need to present all of the following:


Proof of Baltimore County residency in accordance with Rule 5150


◦If you own your home, proof of ownership (Signed settlement sheet, deed or mortgage statement).


◦If you lease your home, a current signed copy of your lease.  If you lease from a private individual, proof of ownership from the landlord is also required 


◦If you live with another Baltimore County resident and your name is not on the deed or lease, a Shared Domicile Approval from the Pupil Personnel Worker is required.  Please call the PPW office at 410-887-6838 to make an appointment prior to calling the school to register your child.


Photo ID at your current address


3 pieces of first class mail that must meet the following criteria:


◦Dated within 60 days of enrollment (date must be clearly visible)


◦Addressed to the student’s current address


◦Addressed to the biological parent or legal guardian


◦From a business or organization


◦Junk mail or a solicitation of business is not accepted


Certificate of birth


Immunization record


◾If applicable, transfer packet from prior school, which should include a copy of the child's most recent report card and current IEP or 504 documents.

If the student is transferring from another public school in Maryland, a copy of the Maryland Student Transfer Record will be required. This form may be obtained at the school from which the student is transferring.


Please note:  The student cannot be registered if they are missing any of the required documents.


When can my child start?


•During the school year, a new student will typically start the day after all of the registration documents have been provided.  It takes time to get the child enrolled and get the classroom ready for a new student.  Registrations that are completed after 1:00 pm may have to wait an additional day.


Are buses available to transport my child?


•Yes, buses are available to certain addresses and are routed by the Office of Transportation.  Please check with the school office for an updated bus list.